October 24th, 2005

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

I learned a new game at Fitzpatrick's yesterday afternoon called, "Killer." The beauty of the game is that it involves a billiards table (already in the bar), can be played by an unlimited number of people and provides plenty of breaks for drinking.

The deal is that everyone (there were nine of us) puts in three Euros. Then we start out with three points each. When it is your turn you get one shot to sink a ball. If you get one in the hole you hand over your stick to the next person. If you miss, you lose one point and hand your stick over to the next person. The last person to still have a point ends up with the money on the table.

I'm awful at billiards (the balls and table are much smaller than an American pool table and I was never much good at pool anyway) but I managed to not be the first person eliminated - which I take as a sign that I did my manly reputation no harm.

Then we came home and started watching Season Six of West Wing.

Holy shit! Bobby Simone is running for president! Holy fuck! So is Hawkeye Pierce - but Hawkeye is now a republican version of Bill Clinton!

This leads to the inevitable question - who do I want for White House Chief of Staff? Andy Sipowitz or Max Klinger?


We Can Be Heroes

So, I'm getting caught up on my Rolling Stone Magazine reading today and there was a great article about Rick Rubin (the Phil Specter of the new generation.) All of it fascinating. But what stuck out to me was the comments that one of his fave things to do is go to strip clubs and mud wrestling clubs with Glenn Danzig.

Now, here is the thing. Rick Rubin is a guy who managed to make Slayer go platinum. James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich (Metallica boys) are also Danzig friends who cover his songs very, very often.

So, here is my question - why the fuck can't Rubin or Ulrich or Hetfield help their friend put together an album that will help Glenn get the respect this punk god deserves? My feeling is that if you make LL Cool Jay a star from your dorm room at NYU you could make Danzig an album that would be as much fun as Blink 182's Enema of the State.

I'm so tired of people like Danzig and John Lydon making music that influences people who become billionaires copying it, while they end up doing lunch at Denny's.