October 21st, 2005

Lord Of The Flies

This week incuidicetutto has spent much of her time trying to transform my shithole apartment into something she can live in without feeling like cooties are lurking in the shadows.

Where once I hung plastic bags on door knobs, little trash cans have appeared. My sheets how have colors and there are pillowcases on, of all things, my pillows. Little suction cup things hang in my shower and my shampoo is no longer on the floor. My CDs are in a black holder and not piled next to my DVD player.

As a reward I went down on her this morning after cumming inside her - which is a wonderful man taboo to break. I don't taste that bad after all.

Yet, I'm now looking around my place to see what my contribution to home decoration is:

1. Replica poster of cover of Rolling Stone Magazine from 1977 with Chewbacca and Princess Lea on it with headline "Ted Nugent - Bloodlust Rock."

2. Keith Richard and the X-Pensive Winos Bandana tacked to the wall. The main motif of this bandana is a large knife and five skulls.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

3. Roughly 300 used paperbacks with titles like, " Night Prey", "Derailed", "Silent Prey", "Stalker", "Retribution", "The Enemy", "The Vanished Man", "Fatal Voyage" and "Reunion In Death."

4. Huge expensive Grundig television that cost three months rent.

5. Brian DePalma "Dressed To Kill" mini movie poster.

6. Patrick Bateman "American Psycho" action figure.

7. Star Wars action figures.

8. Silver flask.

From this I conclude that I am not only a dork, I'm also a psychopath.