October 20th, 2005

Rock And Roll Response

1. Marilyn Manson. Antichrist Superstar off the Antichrist Superstar album.

2. Metallia. Creeping Death off the Ride The Lightning album.

3. Kid Rock. Bawidaba off whichever album of his has a giant middle finger on the cd.

4. Rolling Stones. Happy. (keith singing) off of Exile On Main Street. (hard to hear. I used to own the sheet music.)

5. The Band. The Weight from Music From Big Pink.

6. Fleetwood Mac You Can Go Your Own Way from Rumors album. (Lindsy, instead of Stevie or Christine singing.)

7. Marilyn Manson. Irresponsible Hate Anthem from Antichrist Superstar.

8. Sex Pistols. Anarchy For The UK from Never Mind The Bolloxs.

9. Rolling Stones. You Can't Always Get What You Want. I think it's from Beggars Banquet but would not swear to it.

10. Rolling Stones. Let It Bleed from Let It Bleed album.

Bonus Question for all your Hagrid/biker sociopath drag queen fantasies: Rob Zombie. Dragula from the Hellbilly Deluxe Album (one of the few "hard" albums that Rome Girl and I both like. She got so many fucking cool points from me for putting "Living Dead Girl" on her Ipod!)

The Hillbilly Scumbuckets

Lest you think Montpellier is all interesting, battered souls or if you have ever wondered why most people in the EU think Americans are scumbags it's time for me to talk about some not so nice people in this town, to wit, the Hillbilly Scumbuckets.

This boyfriend/girlfriend team - from somewhere in the midwest - are the people I would most like to have killed. If I ever get money I will have the male hillbilly's legs broken.

They are also my next door neighbors.

These pieces of living shit work for a bar run by the same family that operates Fitzpatrick's Irish Pub. If they ever worked for Fitzpatrick's I'd have to quit going to the bar, because I hate them with a hate stronger than Anakin's forbidden love for Padme.

They are the loudest, dumbest people on the face of the earth. Consider this:

1. On a regular basis they will bring people home with them at 2 a.m. put CDs on at volume 11 and then sing along to the songs at the top of their lungs - with the windows open. Who, other than 14 year old drama students sings along to Dave Matthews in a group at 3 a.m. on a Tuesday night?

2. The male hillbilly recently tried to steal from the bar he works at - but got so drunk in the process that he left the food and bottles of booze in the bar after he had packed them up for theft purposes.

3. Once, when they were playing Zep at volume 11 at 4 a.m. on a weeknight, my elderly female neighbor knocked on their door to ask them to turn the music down. He responded "Fuck you, you fucking cunt."

4. They don't always stay in their apartment to make noise. Sometimes they sit in the stairwell and talk and sing at 3 a.m. - just to make sure that more people can hear them. They are usually doing drugs openly at this point - as though they want to be arrested.

5. Sometimes in the middle of the night they go around ringing people's doorbells and then hiding when the people open their doors to see who the fuck is bothering them. They then break into gales of laughter.

6. At other times in the middle of the night they start AOL IM Conversations when they have groups of people over. How do I know this? Because they turn their speakers up so loud I can hear the noise it makes whenever they get an IM. Who the fuck brings groups of people over to have group IM sessions in the middle of the night?

7. They also sometimes simply leave their apartment in the middle of the night to have long loud group conversations in the streets - even on nights when it is raining.

8. The guy lasts less than three minutes during sex. How do I know this? Because I can hear them every time.

Raise a loaded gun to the Hillbilly Scumbuckets!