October 16th, 2005

A Good Day

1. Woke up next to beautiful woman.

2. Got wake up blow job.

3. Had fresh squeezed lemonade in the place de la comedie.

4. Had wonderful brunch served by the Lucious Lipstick Lesbians (pork roast, plus home made sausages!)

5. Backgammon at Fitzpatricks.

6. Suddently being at a table at Fitzpatricks with Rome Girl, Miss Darling, the Lucious Lipstick Lesbians and two other cute bisexual women (I was the only male at the table.)

7. Getting invited to a lesbian party called "Ovary Town" by said bi/lesbian girls this comming Tuesday.

8. Miss Darling ecouraging Rome Girl to let me buy her a prostitute in Amsterdam to suck her tits.

9. Miss Darling saying to me and Rome Girl, "I want to marry both of you!"

10. Watching Rome Girl sleeping in my bed while I make myself french fries.