October 12th, 2005

The Dominant Gangster Bartender

Today, let me introduce the Rogue Of Rouges - the Dominant Gangster Bartender.

Picture if you will a man, in his 50s, bald on top with a long pony tail and a pirate's earing. He manages Fitzpatrick's at night, which means he has to supervise and discipline the often drunk regular bartenders Mr. Twist and Mr. Bitch (boyfriend of Girl Who Sits In Corner Of The Bar).

The Dominant Gangster Bartender is reputed to have a fortune in gold buried at the end of the rainbow somewhere in Austrailia. He has a delightful, yet often stoned, Austrailian wife, and he rules the bar at night with an iron fist.

For her first six months here, Rome Girl was terrified to talk to the Dominant Gangster Bartender - figuring he might eat her, beat her up, or both.

While a terrifying, silent figure, he is also one of the nicest guys in town once he gets to know you. I can't pass an evening when he works when my glass is not mysteriously filled free of charge with some form of potent and expensive libation. Lately, he's taken to leaving notes for me with the phone numbers and addresses of apartments he thinks Rome Girl might like.

Of course, he might one day kill me in my sleep.

Still, a bit of irony and aggression seethes inside him and he radiates a quiet menance.

Raise a Pint to the Dominant Gangster Bartender.

Tomorrow is reader's choice - The Lucious Lipstick Lesbians or Mr. Bitch.