October 10th, 2005

Mr Twist

As many of my future entries will involve people at Fitzpatrick's Irish Pub, I think it's time I create a Rogues Gallery - so that when I talk about someone, you know who he or she is.

The Rogue Of The Day for Monday is Mr. Twist.

Mr. Twist is both the most silent bartender ever - and our very own Rasputin. One night walking home from the bar he was beaten and stabbed more than a dozen times by a hyena like pack of thugs. Then, the bad guys took his ATM card, put a gun to his head and demanded his PIN Number.

If only the fools knew that - given what bartenders make in this city - they would have been better off mugging a tramp.

Being one of the strongest willed men in history, Mr. Twist was not put off by any of this and still works nights behind the bar.

As Rome Girl says, "He's rail thin and slouches but there is a fierceness to him, a physical readiness, that makes people keep their distance. He spends his off time sitting at the corner of the bar reading serious literature. You can tell there's a lot going on inside that brain. He laughs at things you wouldn't expect him to, and he seems surprised by his ability to laugh at all. I think he could do great things, even at the bar, if he was left to his own devices."

He's a great man to have on staff - because no one in a group of less than seven would ever fuck with him. In fact, one of his most charming qualities are the bloody knuckes he sports from time to time - without any explanation asked for or given.

Let's all drink a pint to Mr. Twist!

On Tuesday I'll introduce The Blonde Drag Queen.