October 7th, 2005

AIM For Wisdom

RomeGirl6969: there is this calendar above my head
RomeGirl6969: it's these black and white pictures of scantily clad women
RomeGirl6969: really kind of trashy
RomeGirl6969: but every month they have these profound quotes
RomeGirl6969: so there's like this tramp in a fake fur coat in a corset
RomeGirl6969: and a quote by nietzche

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RomeGirl6969: it's weirding me out
RomeGirl6969: it's like something from a tarantino film
BCalendar: what's this month look like and say?
RomeGirl6969: it's the one with the fur coat and the nietzche
RomeGirl6969: but it's like, everything i have done for love is always good and bad
RomeGirl6969: and this fucking tramp
RomeGirl6969: she has these blond hair extensions in kind of pigtails
RomeGirl6969: but it's like not airbrushed
RomeGirl6969: so it looks like a 900 ad
RomeGirl6969: it's fuckign bizarre
RomeGirl6969: i wonder if i can steal it to show you
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