October 3rd, 2005

You Opinion Matters!

I think I'm going to pay one of my friends who understands more about computers than I do to update the look of this blog.

Anyone have any suggestions? Tits? Booze bottles? Sea hags? Green beans?

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Let me know because your opinion matters!

Up The Down Staircase

For some reason whenever I am drunk, I lose the desire to penetrate and instead just get obsessed with eating pussy, fingering a girl's ass, sucking her tits, kissing her back, shoving bottles and/or hair brushes in her pussy (we once used a hotel TV remote control and were horrified when we could not find the thing the next morning) and making her cum while my cock stays in my pants. I just get juiced up on the smell, taste and sounds of a woman with her pussy riding my face.

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Yet, when I am sober, particularly in the mornings or afternoons, I just love plain old fashioned grabbing the girlfriend from behind, bending her over the couch and having my way with her - foreplay and lovey dovey shit be dammed.

Just before dinner with two or three cocktails in me I like a combination of both.

Anyone else notice this pattern in their sex lives? Anyone have an explanation for it? Anyone want to buy me drinks and have me worship their pussies for hours?
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