October 1st, 2005

Fizz Live Update

"It's like being a fucking bulemic alcoholic. I fucking puked and people expected me to keep drinking. I only fucking drank 9 fucking tequilla pafs and they were not blue like they were before and I'm tired and I think this is more a bar for you. And it seems like a frat bar but everyone was fucked up. And you are not a frat guy at all but you fit in which I don't get at all and I am too tired to figure this out and I had too much wine tonight and I thought that fondue for dinner would help and it pisses me off that you laughed when I puked. If you want to go to this fucking place in the future that's up to you but I don't want to go because I don't want people to see me puke again. I did 9 pafs and some gross vodka thing and I hope that makes you happy because I'm tired now. And I think you are pissed because we had to leave before you puked too because you would like the idea of girls seeing you drink shots after puking even though there were like 300 guys there and maybe 4 girls and I, as a woman, did not find any of them attractive. I think I need to sleep now."

Rome Girl - Five minutes ago. She is sleeping now.