September 27th, 2005

The Italian Job

Today I went with Rome Girl to the little travel agent and helped her buy tickets to go visit her friends in Rome.

Usually helping her get tickets somewhere is a somewhat erotic experience, because I know that once she is there she will use text messaging to regale me with the details of her conquests - which is something my cock can't get enough of.

On this trip though, all the males she will hang out with are gay. So, no cheap thrill for the Drunken Ex Pat Writer.

This is probably for the best. The last time she tried to use Nerve to pick up men in Rome she met a guy who ON THE SECOND DATE told her he was:

1. Married.
2. Did not want intercourse - he just wanted her to be his "oral sex slave."


P.S. Just survived a pregnancy scare. I have got to get better at this whole pulling out thing.