September 26th, 2005

The Passion Of The Drunken Ex Pat Writer

For some reason, for the past two weeks, ever since it became clear that Rome Girl really was coming to France and then later when she actually got here, my libido started taking a strange turn.

I'm horny all the fucking time and when we fuck I just want to jump and capture. It's great for me, but I feel sort of bad for Rome Girl, who I'm sure would like some foreplay and not just savegery. I can't help it, though, it's like some primal instinct to just take her hard and fast in my territory after months of being on her turf.

I brought this up last night after some jackhammer missionary banging and while she said "It would be nice to get some more foreplay," she also said:

1. "No guy has ever asked me what I wanted in bed.
2. "You go down on me a lot more than any other guy has."

So, I guess I'm still on the good side of the sex spectrum, but I also feel that I need to make a major push to kiss her back or rub her feet or something.



My hair doesn't always look like shit.

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