September 24th, 2005

The Rules

While I dispise Rules Girls and all they stand for, living with a woman these past few months has made me realize that I am becoming a Rules Boy, whether I like it or not.

Behold, mere mortals - The Rules!

After you open a beer bottle, you put the cap in the trash. You do not throw it out the window or place it on top of the refrigerator. Who knew?

Sheets can and should be washed from time to time - not just between girlfriends!

Dishes should be washed the same day they are used, not when you run out of other dishes.

It is possible to remove trash from your home on a regular basis.

Used pizza boxes are trash - not the makings of a new table or chair.

Empty beer bottles are trash - not weapons.

When pissing, aim is important. Other people will have to sit there eventualy.

That thing on the wall of your bathroom - that's where the toilet paper goes!

Ashtrys can be emptied.

If you own white sheets, wipe your ass carefully. Consider investing in brown sheets.