September 23rd, 2005

Highlights From The Land Of Freedom Fries

Giving a 50 year old woman a Hawaian "Get Leid" vibrator as a birthday present.

Two of my friends have gotten seperated from their wives - but it doesn't seem to have changed their essential nature.

Rome Girl in MY bed - yummy.

God, the food is good here.

EU Guiness kicks American Guiness ass.

The customs people in Paris almost gave me a hard time, but backed down when I told them I was a writer. I suspect that in America, telling government agents that I am a writer would have been good reason for them to give me a hard time. God bless the French for assuming all writers are good, honest people.

We ate Tareaflette. This consists of potatoes soaked in wine and goosefat for three days, then covered with cheese and bacon and baked. Then they give you sausage and ham to dip into it. Imagine them trying to serve that to people in America. Dr. Atkins would roll over in his grave!

You can smoke anywhere.

Despite the fact that I live in the shittiest apartment in the world, Rome Girl seems happy.