September 15th, 2005

Bibity Bobity Boo!

When Hunter S. Thompson died Tom Wolfe told the Sunday Times about his favorte encounter with the Good Doctor.

Wolfe was working on the text that would eventually become The Bonfire Of The Vanities. He wanted some advice on how to make fact into fiction and fiction into fact. Seeing a good chance for some free drinks, Hunter said he'd meet Wolfe at the Four Seasons in New York.

When Hunter arrived at the fancy restaurant he was carrying what looked like a big spray can.

"What's that," Wolfe asked.

"It's how you win," Hunter replied.

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The meal progressed until it was halfway between the meal and the desert course - at which point Dr. Thompson pushed the button on the top of the can - it emmited an ear splitting noise that literally sent almost all of the chi chi diners running screaming from the restaurant.

It turns out the can was an emergency boat beacon - the type of thing that allows a sinking ship to be heard for miles around on the open water.

Sometimes I feel like Dr. Thompson, just making random noise because it's fun to see people run in horror. Yet, I know it can't help me make friends so part of me wishes I'd grow out of it.

On the other hand maybe it is how you win.

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A Man's Gotta Do What A Man's Gotta Do

So, a girl is packing up boxes getting ready for a big move while a boy sits in a corner writing porn on a sleek black computer.

She keeps bending down in front of him as she fills the boxes. He can't take it anymore.

The boy walks up and pushes her over the end of a beige couch and with no foreplay or anything enters her from behind.

When he's had his release he pulls out and uses his left hand to rub her pussy while his right hand spanks her ass as hard as he can. He hasn't had her for five days - he loves the bruises he is inflicting.

Soon she arches her ass up off the couch and screams her own release from the pleasure in her cunt and the pain on her ass cheeks.

"I feel faint," she mumbles as he zips up and lights a Marlboro.