September 12th, 2005

We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place...

In exactly one week I get on an American Airlines flight back to Montpellier with Rome Girl

It should be interesting. In New York we hang out with her friends who all work for places like CNN or Morgan Stanley and I'm always the least successful, most indie boy in the room.

In France we hang out with my friends who are all street perfomers, part time bartenders, backgammon hustlers, former sex workers, tax dodgers and/or people who make a living selling planes to the Chinese Politboro and for that reason can neither set foot in America, nor even fly over US Airspace (I am NOT making that up.) That makes me more often than not the most yuppie, least cool, most successful guy in the room.

On the other hand Rome Girl's friends have only ever seen me as a sane man, while my Montpel friends had to endure my spider/bat/crazy time.

It all goes to show that everything and everybody is relative.

We all stay the same, but simply become different people depending on the context we find ourselves in.

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