September 9th, 2005

Things I Liked Last Night

1. Yummy sloppy mexican food in Williamsburg.

2. Cuervo Gold Margarita.

3. Looking at Rome Girl's naked ass while she slept.

4. Signing new freelance jobs.

5. Jack Bauer running off to Mexico in the last episode of 24.

6. Realizing that in 10 days I'll be back in France smoking Gauloise at Fitzpatrick's Irish Pub -

7. Seeing Nerve people starting to head over this way because nerve now blows more than a head cheerleader.

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    Nazi Punks Fuck Off

Nerve Personals

It occurs to me that Gawker likes to write about it when Nerve fucks up. And that their email address is

I just sent them this:


Have you guys noticed how Nerve and the Onion have completly redone and screwed up their Personals section?

Not only have they changed it to something called "FastCupid" - which is not exactly what a Nerve user is looking for, they've gotten rid of the option to select "Play" as what you are looking for and if you had "Play" selected they have changed that to "activity partners" which is really not what "Play" meant on Nerve.

Beyond that they give your entire birthday out to everyone - which must be great for stalkers and ID thieves.

There is like a mini rebellion going on and, on nerve at least, a lot of the regular personal's users are loudly voicing their anger on the Nerve Blog boards.


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