September 5th, 2005

The Sound Of Shrinking


Rome Girl just went back to Manhatten so she can get to work in the morning. I'm staying down here in New Jersey because its my great aunt's 95th birthday and I want to see her tomorrow.

Rome Girl and I failed at pool sex. Either the angle of the stairs was off or the cold water shrunk me just enough, but it just wasn't working. Instead we ran into the lawn and had middle of the afternoon outdoor sex with the sun shining on our bodies which was almost just as good.

This afternoon we did it in my brother's room. When I pulled out I shot so far it hit her in the eye. There is some strange male pride in being able to blow a load three feet.

My mom and my designer spent the weekend arguing over the book design. I'm so tired of this. At this point I've been told I'm going to get some money for helping them, but I'd rather have cocaine or tranny hookers.

But that's just the way I am.

It was really nice being in a house all weekend with a nice pool and air conditioning, but there is somethign about staying in my parent's house that shrinks my soul even more than the cold water could shrink my cock.

It makes me feel like I'm going backwards, when all I want to do is hit the bullseye.

Perhaps that's what my cock was trying to tell me.