September 1st, 2005

Onward, Forward, To Battle

We got our tickets back to France last night! Sept. 19 we take American Airlines back to the land of free medical care, good bred and Fitzpatrick's Irish Pub!

Tonight one of Rome Girl's friends is taking us out to "one of the most expensive restaurant's in New York." Which is nice, but it leads me to thinking about how money and priced obsessed Bush America is. I mean I don't care if it's expensive. I care if it's good.

All of the people Rome Girl knows here are so successful it's intimidating.

Back in Montpellier all my friends are on the dole, playing guitar in the streets for money, part time bartending, pregnant or eeking out a living from galery opening to galery opening. One of my friends even did the full shebang - she went from being a student on the dole to a sex worker called "The Mistress of Pleasure and Pain" to her new role as a quasi-suburban mother of two.

My Montpellier folk must seem as strange to her as her friends seem to me.

The book seems to be going well and aparently my photos were appreciated if this IM from my mother is any indication:

CxxxJxxxx: the conference call went really well! we ganged up on bxxx. had to. shame, but only way. now we await rxx's choice on covers, which will come in an hour or so. GREAT job on those photos. I told them they were really creative and I meant it. I said boring headshots were replaced with great images. jxxx, and cxxxx reinforced it. cxxxx was great on the phone, direct, but calming. jonty was also terrific. i think we have a book. just hope it prints well!

This weekend my parent's are going to New Hampshire so Rome Girl and I get to watch their place - which has Air Conditioning and a Pool!

I can't wait to make love to my woman in actual comfort, rather than dank sweat shop mustiness.

This book has got me so far behind on my paid work that I'll probably have to spend at least part of the weekend writing about gay thailand brothels, but at least I'll be too cool for school!

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yummy yummy yummy

Dinner was awesome despite my earlier misgivings.

Rome Girl's sunburn is starting to heal. This afternoon a co-worker talked her into rubbing yogurt on her boobs to make them feel better. At that moment she's lying naked on the bed rubbing aloe into her tits and saying "They are starting to peal" when I look over.

Aparently when I look over at her naked, rubbing shiny stuff into her boobs, she wonders what I am doing rather than assuming I just like looking at her boobs. Girls can be soooo naive.

The Daily News is reporting that the levees in New Orleans were supposed to be fixed last year by the Army Corps Of Engineers but that the repairs were put on hold so those guys could fight in Iraq instead.

If the Democrats don't at some point explain to the American People that New Orleans no longer exists because Bush started an arbitrary war in Iraq then I guess they deserve being out of power.

Meanwhile some guy in New York is in trouble for creating a painting titled "Patriot Act" that depicts George W. Bush being shot.

And Condi Rice spent last night at Spamalot in New York. Remember the story about fiddling while Rome burned you ice skating warmongering cunt.

It reminds me of that old Eminem song: "I don't play for dead presidents. I'd rather see the president dead."

Meanwhile the house speaker today said that perhaps New Orleans should just be abandoned rather than rebuilt. Think he'd say that if the Big Easy was populated by white people instead of blacks and homos?

So here is the real story on this:

1. The New Orleans thing could have been avoided - but we went to Iraq instead.

2. Now the same people who wanted us to go to war in Iraq are willing to abandon American cities.

3. Condi got great broadway tickets.

Mr. Bush, Mr. Hassart, Mr. Rove. Ms. Rice - fuck you. I'll throw a party when your party reaps what you have fucking sown.