August 31st, 2005


Trying to help my mom with this book makes me understand why some people don't even tell their families what they do for a living.

After we finally got the pagination done, my desinger sent out an email asking the people what sorts of images they wanted in the book and if they could send them to them.

This sent all of them into hysteria and made them convinved we don't know how to pick photos when he was just trying to be accomodating.

Everyone got pissed off and I finally stopped the freak out by agreeing to find, source and purchase the photos myself. Which means that all of my paying clients got blown off for the day.

Let's hope none of them fire me - so I don't have to put a paypal link on this fucking blog.

Rome Girl helped by explaining to me exactly how that is done. My mom assumed I'd know - but photo sourcing is really not on the resume of drunken ex-pat pornographers.

To make matters worse I drank much too much gin last night with my dad and assorted family members, so I had to source these fuckin photos and deal with angry family members and clients while dealing with a Class Five Hangover.

The only good news today is that I bet flights to New Orleans are really cheap right now - Bourbon Street here I fucking come!

Plus I love my Patrick Bateman doll. Now all I need for true happiness is the Metallica Action Figure Set.

In between photos and arguments I took some solstace in dirty stories online - that Dark Wanderer, he fucking knows how to tell a cuckold/cheating wife story! Man o Manachevitz but did I havd a good jerk in the shower!