bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Extra Sesnory Porn

Wow, this is full of win.

A major psychology journal is going to publish a report that claims they've proved ESP exists.

But, you can only use ESP to find porn.


"Dr. Bem had subjects choose which of two curtains on a computer screen hid a photograph; the other curtain hid nothing but a blank screen.

A software program randomly posted a picture behind one curtain or the other — but only after the participant made a choice. Still, the participants beat chance, by 53 percent to 50 percent, at least when the photos being posted were erotic ones. They did not do better than chance on negative or neutral photos.

“What I showed was that unselected subjects could sense the erotic photos,” Dr. Bem said."

So there you go. Nature has given us the ability to defy physics with our minds - but only so we can locate pussy or cock.
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