bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Writer's Block: Misdirected Mail

Have you ever replied to or cc'ed someone on an email that was definitely not intended for their eyes? Or received one that was about you but wasn't meant for you to read? What was the email about and how did you react?

Yes. After my wife walked out on me with no warning I had a bad breakdown to the point where my dad had to come over to France to take me home for a few months.

We were in an Internet cafe and he was trying to figure out how to use email with a French keyboard and accidentally sent a message to my step-mother about me to his "family" email group which included me.

It ranted about what a complete bitch my soon to be ex wife was, which was fine, but he also told her I was "dangerously emotionally unstable" and was in "the middle of a walking nervous breakdown" which, while true, is not something he really wanted to say to me or that I wanted to read.
Tags: email, embarrassing situations, etiquette, writer's block
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