bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Heebie Jeebies

My doctor and my shrink have told me not to drink coffee, so I haven't had a cup in more than a year.

But, this morning when I was at the Vert Anglais while the cleaning lady was here it was cold and I was seriously tired so I ordered a double espresso with my orange juice.

Holy mother of fuck was that a bad idea.

When my doctor said that coffee could induce anxiety he wasn't kidding.

I'm like fucking terrified of everything around me at the moment. And I'm like worried about Rome Girl's train crashing tomorrow and other assorted things. And I started feeling like everyone was looking at me funny.

I had to stop reading the newspaper because all I could think is "I'm going to be bankrupt and homeless in a year if Arab people don't blow me up before then!"

I hope this works its way out of my system soon.
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