bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Better Than Jar Jar

I'm not sure what amuses me more about this erotic story involving Bobba Fett and Princess Leia.

1. That it contains the sentence, "I saw you watching yesterday when he made me blow that kowakian monkey-lizard in front of the entire court."

2. The writer actually takes the time to build in a long involved plot about killing Jabba The Hutt.

3. That Literotica felt the need to put this disclaimer at the top of the story: The stories in this section of Literotica are all fictional parodies - none are true, nor are they approved of by the celebrities named in the stories.

Really? You mean this isn't a true journalistic account of Bobba Fett getting off on watching Leia have sex with space critters? Bobba didn't really watch "Jabba himself fuck her with his massive hutt-tail?"

I'm astounded.
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