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Oct. 9th, 2018

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2019 Predictions

Well it's a weird year for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Every nominee has the chops to get in. That's never happened before.

So wagering is going to be tough but I'll do it.

Def Leppard - One armed drummer counts in their favor. But they are considered too Gen X for the older voters and not Gen X enough for the younger voters. Not getting in.

Devo - A lock. They are exactly what Grohl and his contingent want in the hall.

Janet Jackson - I th ink she'll get in this time. But it's 50/50. Lot of racists and sexists in the hall.

John Prine - The one 100% total lock. He's old. He survived cancer and he's great.

Kraftwerk. No way.

LL Cool J. If he gets in Janet doesn't' get in. If Janet get s in he doesn't get in. 50/50.

MC5- No.

Radiohead - Will get in because they like to have one popular band every year.

Rage Against the Machine - Deserve to get in but will not.

Roxy Music - Another year when there is less competition.

Stevie Nicks - 80/20. Really helped by Tom Petty dying.

The Cure - Yeah. Total lock.

Todd Rundgren - Nope.

Rufus & Chaka Kahn - Nope.

The Zombies - Will get in but with some type of special award.

Oct. 7th, 2018

A Star Is Born - Review

A Star Is Born is a really mixed bag.

First off - and I haven't like him since Alias - Bradely Cooper is amazing in the role. You can see him as being just talented enough for a woman to try to save and not strong enough for him to let her.

Now. Lady Ga Ga. Wonderful in the first third of the movie. It was really great to see her as a normal person and not someone in a meat dress or whatever. But there is no chemistry at all on her end. SWSNBN thinks it's because in real life she knows Bradely is gay and can't see him as a realistic romantic partner. Whatever the reason she's just like "eh, he gets drunk" and you never ever see her have an expression of passion for him.

Also they introduce her as a woman who can sing with the Eddie Vedder type rockers and write songs like them, but then the movie turns her into a pop star with dancers and shit and essentially makes her Lady Ga Ga. That's a huge mistake. She should have stayed with what she spends the first third of the movie doing and ended up doing the rock thing better than Bradely Cooper.

Finally in the other versions of the film the suicide/not suicide thing is ambiguous. Here it's a clear suicide that he's somehow pushed into my her manager. And that just doesn't work.

But overall? The movie is far better than I expected. I just wish the entire film had been as good as the start.

Oct. 2nd, 2018

Uncharted 3 - Drake's Deception - Review

And now it comes to the end of the Nathan Drake Collection.

This is the best of the bundle. Almost as good as Uncharted 4.

Very good balance of puzzles, climbing and shooting.

The only part I didn't like was the two sections where you have to play while on a hallucinogenic drug. Mostly because they made me a bit sea sick.

Also was sort of disappointed at the last boss fight - it was crazy easy.

But that's not a huge problem.

All in all a stellar game.

Sep. 24th, 2018

Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves

Man Uncharted 2 is much better than Uncharted 1.

No zombies. No insta kill snipers. No fucking barrels in a lake to blow up.

Just climbing, killing soldiers and looking at pretty things.

I love that both women are clearly much smarter than Drake.

Could have done without the Yeti but since I actually didn't have to fight them that was fine.

It's interesting how these games developed.

I think with the first game they just threw every idea they had at it and waited to see what would stick. Some worked out well and some were shitty.

In this second iteration they've decided what type of game they want to be and just go after it hard.

Five out of five stars.

Onward to Uncharted 3

Sep. 16th, 2018

Uncharted 1 - Drake's Fortune - Review

I loved Uncharted 4 and I loved the sequel to it.

So when Sony announced they were going to have the first three Uncharted games as a bundle called The Nathan Drake Collection at a discounted price - 30 euros for all three games - I had to get it.

Spent the last three weeks playing Uncharted 1 - Drake's Fortune.

My thoughts.

1. Wow for an old game this is beautiful.

2. The puzzles toward the start of the game are beautiful.

3. So is climbing and jumping.

4. At the start of the game there is a really good balance between puzzles, jumping/climbing and combat.

5. But man does that fall apart towards the end of the game. I made it through 20 of 22 levels and just gave up. Because the game had become "Move from point A to point B and shoot people." That's not why I play an Uncharted game. If I want that I'll play Wolfenstein.

6. Also what the fuck with giving us zombies at the end? Did they not know where this entire story was going?

7. Other than that great fun. I bailed that late into it because I googled and it was just going to be more and more shooting. But for the first 16 levels or so It's great. And it gave me three weeks of fun.

Overall rating - 4 out of 5 stars.

Now off to Uncharted 2

Sep. 11th, 2018

A Day At The Hospital

So on Sunday I rub my eyes and see double for a few minutes. Wash my eye out and see everything fine. But Monday morning go to my actual doctor for like a rinse for my eye.

Instead he tells me it's all probably fine and I should go right away to the hospital and get a MRI just to be sure.

"Don't worry," he said. "It will only take a half hour."

Holy Jesus God was he wrong.

Over the next 14 hours I was kept in a place at the hospital without food or water (both of which can interfere with their tests.)

Thankfully even though I've been vaping I bought a pack of cigarettes (part of deal with doctor to get me to go) because fuck if there was anything else to do.

Anyway the pattern went like this.

Got in. Seen immediately.

They did tests.

An hour and a half or two hours goes by.

They come out and do more tests.

None of these are the MRI I was sent for.

The third test I thought was a MRI but apparently was an actual brain scan.

Anyway these were entirely student doctors.

After about 10 hours (and who knows how many tests. Eight? Nine? Lord knows) I finally get a real doctor.

Who says:

"You should get a MRI."

I'm like "Dude that's what I came for but actually I'm fucking ghosting on you guys at this point."

He talks me into it.

Another couple hours go bye.

Finally get it.

Another hour goes bye.

I get a different doctor.

I'm like "hey what happened to my original doctor?"

She's like "his shift was over."

I'm like "OK Fine. Am I dying?"

She's like "No. We are 95% sure you are fine. Aren't you happy you got the MRI?"

I'm like "Yeah, but I"m not happy about the bazzilion other tests you gave me. And can I please get this needle that you seriously have used like eight times to drip weird fluid in me out of my arm?"

She's like "I'll have someone get that out of you right away."

I'm like "I'd really appreciate that since I've been here for 14 hours now."

Anyway like a half hours goes by and nobody turns up to take it out.

So I decided to take the initiative and gently pull it out myself.

This causes a geyser of blood to spill all across the waiting room and anyone within five feet of me.

Withing two seconds they are out bandaging me up and telling me I can leave.

Sep. 3rd, 2018

Challenger To President Trump Emerges

(CNN) - Dr. Harleen Quinzell has announced that she will be challenging President Donald J. Trump for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2020.

Speaking to a crowd in Iowa, the respected psychiatrist announced that "My love of the land is pure. My dedication to corn and all things that grow is eternal. Long live Iowa and long live my reign as President."

The announcement, while early and unexpected, may rock the GOP establishment.

"I'm a long time friend of Dr. Quinzell," said GOP Senator Orin Hatch. "She's smart. She's dedicated. She knows what she's doing. And she's very far out of the establishment. Beyond that she is a saner alternative to President Trump."

Outgoing Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan agreed.

"I know Donald Trump. One thing I can tell you is Dr. Quinzell is no Donald Trump."

Vice President Michael Pence, however, said he was not concerned.

"We have heard many rumors about the sexuality of Miss. Quinzell. That alone will knock her out the race."

President Trump meanwhile tweeted "DR QUINZELL IS A LESBO SLUT. i am the man! BAD WOMAN."

Aug. 13th, 2018

Latest Book Of Despair Exerpt

News of Lurch's death spread like wildfire. It could not be contained.

Reporters showed up again. Cops milling everywhere. Filling all the gay bars. Questioning everyone.

Lurch and his family were known in Ireland. The UK press covered it. The Irish press covered it. Bigger than a dead girl. A dead guy. Rich. White. Newly gay. It sparked danger. It lit up as a cautionary tale.

Lurch's parents came and quickly got the kids out of town. His son was heading to gay conversion therapy. They left the bar to be run by the manager. He was skimming all he could. In a couple months, he knew the bar would be shuttered. Grab the money now.

The Drunk saw all this. Inhaled it. Sat in the bar with The Ageless Girl. She appreciated it. She'd known this was coming.

“It's a smoke screen,” she said. “People are going crazy. Now you can really do what you need to do.”

He was uncertain. Not really sure of her motives. But he liked what was happening. It reminded him of before. But bigger. Better. More alive.

“People are watching,” he said. “It's harder now to kill people.”

“Not the people you want to kill,” she said. “Rich people are on everyone's minds. Not regular gays. Not the rude ones.”

Her theory – the cops only cared about Lurch because he was rich. The papers cared about Lurch because he was rich and gay – but they weren't the ones with warrants and the ability to investigate.

He didn't know if she was right or wrong. Still, he loved the sense of despair hanging in the air. People pretending to be sad. Creating people who really were sad.

Nobody had really given a shit about Lurch when he was alive. Dead, he was some kind or martyr. And he was taking all of the police's time and energy. He was the thing they had to control. To find a narrative out of the plot.

The despair was groovy. Motivated cops. Sad people. The Irish did sad in a cool, crisp, solemn way.

He downed his drink. Didn't bother paying for it. The manager knew he knew about the skim. Didn't give a fuck if he drank a few pints and did a few shots.

“I have to go,” the Ageless Girl said. “I'll see you soon.”


“When the time is right.”

Aug. 9th, 2018

Dark Souls Remastered - Day Four

Only played for about and hour and half today.

First 45 minutes were spent trying to kill the metal pig. Then I realized that I was losing because of the poison I was getting from the rats right before him.

Second 45 minutes was spent trying to avoid getting poisoned by the rats.

Did not succeed in this but because this is also a grinding opportunity got enough souls to level up. Put my stats into hit points because the last three level ups went into strength.

Hopefully I'll figure out the poison thing tomorrow so I can get onto the pig.

Aug. 8th, 2018

Dark Souls Remastered - Day Three

So I start out trying to figure out how to use my battle axe so I can just have it when I face Taurus Demon instead of trying to equip it.

Spend an hour on this and realize it leaves me really vulnerable. So I switch back to my long sword.

But almost immediately there is a problem. The game starts giving me warnings about my weapon and when I'm fighting it takes two hits to kill a guy that only took one hit before. So clearly weapons degrade.

I switch to a short sword - which, holy shit, is much easier than the long sword and seems to do just as much damage.

I use it to grind up two levels and put those stats into strength instead of hit points because someone suggested I do that.

Head back to the Taurus Demon It takes me about 15 tries but I beat it with the highly complex (and maybe wrong?) method of climbing up to the tower in the area and falling on it. After falling on it about four times it dies.

I run forward and... there is no fucking bonfire (save point.) I run out and talk to a dude who kills me immediately. Retry and the other way to go leaves me on a ledge with a dragon doing an insta kill on me.

For the first time I google because I see no way out of this. Do so and discover there is a downward thing I can run into before I get to the dragon.

I do that and find a ladder leading me back to the old bonfire. Oh well, it's better than nothing. I heal up and climb the ladder again.

Now I fuck around moving forward and killing a couple guys until this giant all metal warthog comes out and kills me.

Look at the clock, realize I've been playing for four hours and decide to figure out the warthog next time around.

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