bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Every Social Media Thread On Heterosexual Online Dating Ever

Original Post: "I just moved to a new city/just broke up with my bf/have been single for a while/something similar. I'm thinking about trying online dating. Is is worth it?"


"OMG! No! All you'll get is dick pics! Just try to find a hobby and you'll meet a guy!"

"Do it! I was on OCupid for one week and met the guy who is now my husband!"

"YMMV but when I tried online dating I ended up fucking a pedophile ax murderer. Just something to think about."

"Only try online dating if you hate yourself because the guys there suck."

"I used to think they suck but then I tried (brand new, super obscure dating site) and met great guys! Now way am I a shill for this site!"

"I haven't had any problems on dating sites. Nobody has sent me a dick pic and all the guys have been super nice."

"Why don't you try just meeting more people in real life?"

"Online dating is the worst."

"Just be selective and you'll be fine."

"Online dating made me decide to be a lesbian."

"Go for it! You have nothing to lose!"

"Men suck. Just stop trying to date."

"Every guy I've met online was married."

"Have you asked your friends to introduce you to guys?"

"I'm a guy and I'm single. What's your email?"

"Everyone I know met their boyfriend through Tindr."

"Just focus on yourself and you'll meet guys without having to try online dating."

"Check your privilege. Not all of us can afford Internet or cell phones."

"Go for it! The perfect guy is out there!"

"I'm making $438 a day from home. Click here to find out how."
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