bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Jesus Christ On A Stick - Mad Men Rage

What the fuck is going on with this show? I mean, it's been defending itself against being called racist by saying it takes place in a racist time and culture, but they can no longer make that case with a straight face.

So far the only black people we've seen on the show are elevator operators, secretaries and hookers. And now they give us a black burglar who seems to be doing an impression of the Mammy from Gone With The Wind.

At this point we are at the level of real, actual racism.

Meanwhile, this was a fucking novelty episode where someone essentially said "Wouldn't it be funny to show Don Draper  high on cocaine?"

Yes that would be funny for a small bit in an episode but not as the function of the entire episode itself.

Meanwhile one of the characters who is generally a decent person suddenly become a sexual harasser out of nowhere and then fucks a girl who is so clearly jail bait that even a high on cocaine Don wouldn't fuck her.

Beyond that they dress up Sally in what can only be described as "pedobait."

They should be fucking ashamed of themselves for this episode.
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