bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Public Service Announcement For People In The UK - Share This Info If You Have UK Friends/Readers

Kick Ass Torrents and several other sites were blocked by court order in the UK yesterday.

But, friendly hackers have already gotten around it.

One way is through - this is not as fast as you may be used to for Kick Ass Torrents because it's doing a reverse proxy on your location making KAT think you are in India so you get routed to a server far from you, which slows things down. It's not a huge speed difference, however, and is unlikely to get shut down/blocked.

If you need to normal speed of KAT then you can go to This is faster than using, but the downside is that it will probably be blocked as soon as morons at the Ministry Of Truth find it.
Tags: cameron should die, downloads, fuck censorship, fuck em all, kick ass torrents, torrents, we are smarter than the law
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