bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Obama Killing You Softly With Drones

Two ideas I've seen floated dozens of times online in the last day or two:

1. I like Obama but I'm furious that he can now use drones to kill anyone he wants.

2. You fucking liberals would be throwing a hissy fit if a GOP president wanted to use drones to kill people, how can you still support your guy you hypocrites!

Both arguments, are, of course, insane.

Here is the deal - the President of the United States has always been able to kill whoever the fuck he wants. (Except Castro, who like Keith Richards, cannot be killed by conventional weapons.)

They used to do it using the CIA, or contract agents or by paying the security forces of other countries to do it. Which is fine! The entire point of having a secret security force (which is what the CIA is) is to be able to take motherfuckers off the board when you want to!

And, how the fuck is some CIA dude with a sniper rifle any more moral than a drone strike? Dead is dead.

Beyond that, one of the main responsibilities of the President is to kill people when they are a threat to our national security and to send a message to people not to fuck with us. Any president will order people dead from time to time - and there is nothing wrong with that, it's what they are fucking supposed to do!

So, you know, get over it.

Remember, the dude did refuse to build a Death Star.
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