bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Banned From Facebook

So, two days ago, one of my online friends started getting shit from the Heterosexual Awareness Month Facebook community - calling her stupid, a slut, asking her if it "hurt to try to think" and all the usual bullshit you'd expect from a community that regularly posts that gays "live in shit" and "live to spread AIDS."

In response I made a few satirical posts on their community arguing that the Virgin Birth proves that God thinks heterosexuality is a sin and asking them to "pray the straight away" and posting a link to a Garfunkle and Oates video.

They banned me from commenting in their community, which, you know, fine since I was making fun of them.

But, an hour or two later I got notified by Facebook that my account was suspended for 24 hours while they consider whether or not to ban me from Facebook for life for making "hate speech" comments.

Because, apparently, running an actual hate group on Facebook is fine, but making fun of them is hate speech.
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