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Mr. Information - Follow Up

Q. so that note i sent wasn't fucking around...

i have always known he was seriously into porn, but the underage stuff is a new discovery.
i've almost got my ba in creative writing, so my best shot at getting a job outside walmart seems to be teaching, but even that would be in the fall at the soonest. now that school has started again today, i'm going to check out the women's center on campus.

i knew my life was fucked up, but not enough that it would seem fake. i didn't even mention that when i was 19 i found out that my macho marine father was a closet self-hating transvestite who had convinced my submissive mom to act like his dominatrix in some bid to please him. (she told me about that over coffee one day)


thanks for posting my rambling ass notes... i think (beyond talking with my friends) hearing people's exasperation and disbelief is helping me to see how the situation has become rabidly unhealthy

I spent 10 minutes talking with a counselor in the women's center, most of it defining polyfidelity and d/s, and the rest of it was her plying me with brochures... There's a decent public transport here

so I took the $140 he gave me for a semester's parking permit and am going to open a bank account this afternoon

Not much, but something

I used to be a casual meth-head, so I still don't quite trust the cops



Step One: Call the cops.

Step Two: Call a lawyer

Step Three: Find a mental health professional

Step Four: Use your creative writing education to write a book - it will sell.


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