bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Worst Ideas Of 2012

All true! All incredibly stupid! All put out by people who probably make a lot more money than you do!

1. Nominating a dude for president who didn't want to win.

2. Putting armed rent-a-cops in elementary schools.

3. Using your personal fortune to move to the South American jungle so you can create the best date rape drug ever. Bragging about it on Russian drug dealer forums.

4. Dating Taylor Swift.

5. Stating that rape victims can't get pregnant.

6. Talking to an empty chair at a nationally televised political convention.

7. Buying into Facebook at the IPO price.

8. Pretty much every decision Facebook made.

9. Revolution.

10. Buying chicken sandwiches in order to protest gay sex.

Note: All of these are far worse than dating a guy who lives in a tent.
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