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The Wrath Of Someone

Ok. If you are interested in Star Trek at all (or, simply have a Facebook or Tumblr account) you've seen the new Star Trek trailer today.

The big thing is that half the people who watch it think it's pretty much saying the bad guy, played by the UK dude who plays Sherlock, is Khan.

The studio, however, won't say if it's Khan or not.

And, it's been pointed out to me that it might be problematic to take a role that was originally played by a POC and have it played by one of the whitest men in the world.

Also, that it would go against the timeline cannon.

What do you think?

Poll #1883350 Is It Khan

Is It Khan In The Star Trek Trailer

Yes! Yay! Unicorn Rainbows!
Yes. J.J. knows it's what the fan wants.
No. The timeline is wrong.
No. Khan is not a white dude.
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