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You know, I'm really torn about Siri (the porn star, not the stupid iPhone thing.)

Here's the basic story. She just started doing porn this year and has become very popular. Which is awesome, because she seems like a super cool human being, is very positive, clearly not forced into the industry, has a personality and isn't just a pretty face, etc..

Now, the Academy Awards for the adult industry are the AVN awards.

Her studio wanted to nominate her for the BBW category - because by any definition a woman with her body - including HH breasts - is a larger woman than usual for the main category.

But she was like "Fuck that, I'm not a BBW fetish object! I want to be in the normal category!"

And she got nominated for "Best New Starlet" - and is the odds on favorite to win.

Now part of me is like "great! It's time that women with larger bodies are able to compete with the women who have standard porn star bodies! This is progress!"

But... then I think about the way she's marketed - and it's all about her significantly larger than usual breasts. Much of it brags about how they weigh eight pounds each.

And I worry that if new porn stars see what's happening and are like "shit, to get the awards you need huge breasts" - they might all start getting ridiculous implants.

And, just four years ago we were all celebrating that Sasha Grey's popularity - with her normal sized obviously non implant breasts - as a good thing because it would reduce the number of women in the adult industry who felt like they needed to get boob jobs to compete. (And it did. The number of smaller, natural boobs has grown tremendously since Sasha.)

So, I can't decide if Siri represents a step forward or a step back.

What do you think?

[Photo of what I'm talking about. NSFW]


Rome Girl is sort of convincing me of the "good for her" mindset.
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