bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Rock And Roll Triva

Different rules this time out. I don't give you the lyrics, I give you a clue to the song and you have to guess what it is without Google.

1. I live on the second floor.

2. The policemen know my name.

3. I'm on a losing streak.

4. Just like children, I'm getting older.

5. The dude I liked wouldn't tell me his name.

6. I gave my guns to my mom.

7. Look, motherfucker, if it glitters, it's gold.

8. I know where I'm gonna go when I die.

9. For some unknown reason I find it difficult to get people to serve me tea instead of coffee when I'm in New York. It could be because of where I'm from. It could be because I'm a douchebag.

10. Look, I told you already, this is not a rebel song!

#2 is the one nobody is getting. Imagine if you woke up in a doorway in SoHo after a big drunken night out. How would you be able to get home without being arrested...
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