bart_calendar (bart_calendar) wrote,

Reader Question Update

The reader who sent in the question last night wants to update you with more information on whether he is a keeper or not:

"Well to give your readers a little more meat to chew on 'pun intended' - I shall explain. He lives in a tent on some land and he is a hot hippie pothead who wants to move in with me. He has borrowed money twice and currently has a neg balance of $350 with me. I'm not 'giving' him the money, it is a loan - just concerned if I stay with him he may make me poor. I like him, he cooks, he is tall, he is hot, he is sweet and he is smart - just not good with money/job stuff....he is 33."

Not sure if this will change the advice, but I do want to help her out if I can and she's interested in your views.
Tags: gender politics, gender relations, hippies, huge monster cocks, lots and lots of comments, lots of comments, sex, tents
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