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"Boobzie" Groupie Girl Blamed For Guns N Roses Late Start In Manchester

(NME) -- After Manchester fans hurled pints at Axl Rose Tuesday night when Guns N Roses started their concert more than three hours late, tour officials have said that the delay was caused by a "Boobzie" girl they identified as "Laura."

"Laura was found in Axl's hotel room the morning after the band checked out," said tour manager Nicholas Six. "She said that Axl had picked her up that afternoon and once he had his hands on her could not put her down."

New Musical Express managed to track down a woman claiming to be Laura who said she was part of a new type of rock groupie that refer to themselves as Boobzies.

"Axl told me he liked my attitude," Laura said. "I like adrenaline highs. I'm not single. I'm in a long-term relationship with fun and adventure."

Laura said she grew up in the Washington State town of Twin Peaks but left to follow bands on the road after having problems with her father, who suffered from bipolar disorder and insisted on being called "Bob" even though that was not his real name.

"He was a real demon sometimes," Laura said. "But dealing with him, I think, helped me relate to Axl. I understand his inner demons as well."

Laura refused to go into detail about what exactly Axl and she were up to that resulted in the late start for the band, but did reveal "I'd hate to look into his eyes and see an ounce of pain. Being in his arms reminded me of a warm safe place where as a child I'd hide."

When asked for comment, Mr Rose responded "Come on. All you need is just a little patience."

Laura said she planned on attending the Queen's Jubilee in London this weekend, referring to the capital as a "paradise city."

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