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Feb. 5th, 2016

March Nerd Madness - Nomination Round

As many of you know for years I've run an annual Rock and Roll March Madness here as an alternative to the basketball version.

But, it's become stale. After yet another year of it coming down to Queen vs. Joan Jett vs Black Sabbath vs Johnny Cash, people said it might be time to take a  year off and see if that shakes things up.

So, this year, fuck rock and roll. We are going to do March Nerd Madness instead.

It will be run the same way as Rock And Roll March Madness.

There will be four divisions.

Each division  will have 16 entrants

You nominate the entrants by commenting with your nominations here. You can do so with your LJ login, your Facebook login, your OpenID or anonymously.

The nominations must be character names. Not show names or anything. Specific characters.

The four divisions are:


Dead Trees


Video Games

In general the nomination goes into the most logical division. Batman goes in Dead Trees. Mario goes in Video Games. If you really think something should go someplace that isn't obvious  make a very strong argument for it. I will be the most flexible when it comes to characters that have been in both movies and TV shows at roughly the same time where the stronger entry is one of the genres.

Dead Trees covers anything originally printed on paper or a paper like substance. It also covers anything that would have been Dead Trees pre internet - i.e. Web Comic characters are welcome in Dead Trees.

Please remember we are talking about characters.

Also remember that some character  names are used by different people. "Death" could be a character in Sandman or any number of other Dead Tree things. If the character name seems like maybe it might have been used in more than one place please specify the place in this format: "Death (Sandman) or "Death (Prachett)."

UPDATE: If someone has nominated someone you also want to nominate you can simply reply to their comment with "seconded" or "thirded" or "fourthed" depending on what is appropriate.

The nomination process goes for exactly one week from today.

Feel free to share this with anyone.

Go geeks!

Feb. 4th, 2016

Get Ready....

....going to start nominations for the new March Madness tomorrow...

....it won't be about music but it might put a Spike right through your head.....

American Mary GIF Icons

These are NSFW but awesome.

(None are of Mary, they are all of Beatress, who gets the best lines anyway.)

Feb. 3rd, 2016

The Best (Rejected) Blood Drive Campaign Ever

Every year feminist filmmakers Jen and Sylvia Soska film a blood drive video and donate it to the Red Cross to use copyright free to encourage blood donations. And every year the Red Cross says "thanks, but no thanks."

So, this year they got some of the best young directors together and made a whole bunch of blood drive PSAs making fun of how they keep getting rejected.

The results are awesome.

(And, yes, all were rejected by the Red Cross)

Feb. 2nd, 2016

Programing Note....

... next week I'm going to start the nomination process for March Madness again.

But this year it won't be music related....

...still sorting the details out but I'll have the info out on Monday.

What Dumb Porn Moves Have People Tried On You During Sex?

I was talking today with the always wonderful Harlot who was recounting some of the really stupid things guys have attempted during sex with her. Most of them she said involved dudes trying to imitate stuff they'd seen in porn.

The worst she said was a guy trying to spit in her mouth and another she described as "me on my back but doubled up so my knees were on my shoulders... and he was up on his feet, straddling me, with his back to me, fucking my cunt. What. The. Fuck."

Anyway she went on to say: "Hey, why don't you do a journal post asking them what type of stuff they've had to put up with because of porn?"

Given that I've never in my life said "no" to Harlot this post was made.

So, help her out - let her know what crap you've had to deal with because of porn.

Jan. 29th, 2016

Gin - It's What's For Breakfast

Earl Grey is making a breakfast gin.

My life is complete!


A Novel I Would Totally Read

You know what would fucking rock?

A Narnia sequel where a Syrian refugee family is housed in a crumbling English estate and their children find the fucking wardrobe and are embraced by Aslan who helps them fight xenophobic telemarines who have taken over the land.

Jan. 27th, 2016

Facebook Insanity

Yesterday I noticed that a Facebook group called Black Lives Don't Matter exists.

Since it sort of advocates killing black people I reported it to Facebook as racist.

Facebook sent me a message telling me it didn't violate their community standards because it is political commentary.

So I created my own group called Racism, White Privilege, Breastfeeding, And Fuck The Oxford Comma

It's public so join it if you want.

If it offends you feel free to report it to Facebook.


Jan. 25th, 2016

You All Want To Fuck Giants

Interesting 2015 stats from PornHub.



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