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Aug. 28th, 2016

Dave Grohl Playing With Prophets Of Rage

Because, of course Dave Grohl is playing with Prophets Of Rage.

Aug. 27th, 2016

The Strangest Panties I've Ever Seen

I'm pretty sure these panties are NSFW.

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Aug. 21st, 2016

"Spank Me Daddy!" The Official #daddygate Poll

Over the weekend thousands and thousands of people on Facebook have started all out flame wars over what has come to be known as #daddygate.

The main deal is some feminists/SJWs issued pleas "cis gendered privileged straight white women" to not call their sex partners "daddy" because doing so is either (depending on which SJW is posting) either "appropriating African American culture" or "appropriating gay male culture" and is therefore off limits to straight white women.

Loads of straight women and their partners freaked out and the flames are still burning.

What do you think?

Calling Your Male Sex Partner/Having Your Sex Partner Call You "Daddy" Is

Stealing From Black Culture
Stealing From Gay Male Culture
Not Minority Culture Specific At All
Something I Do With Any Penis Owner Who Fucks Me
Something I Wil Explain In Comments

Aug. 20th, 2016

Imagine Harley Quinn As Male

There's this guy. And as he's growing up he's super smart and conventionally good looking.

But, he lacks confidence. So, even though he would otherwise be considered hot, women ignore him.

He ends up with a great degree in psychiatry and is so trusted that he's assigned to help the most dangerous and crazy of the crazy.

And one of them it a hot young woman. And she pays more attention to him than any woman has before. Beyond that she has super powers. She is insane, but she makes him feel really alive for the first time in his life.

So he falls for her. And she tells him that he can have super powers too if he will just dive into this goop.

He does so and comes out of it stronger than ever before.

In fact he is so strong he kills one of the people she hates the most in the world. And he holds his own against Batman.

The girl who helped him progress is a malicious dick. But he stays with her for a while because she helped him become who he wanted to me. Sure, she's abusive but he figures that he can deal with that because he knows it won't last forever and that he's perfectly capable of killing her.

Eventually he tires of her and kills/leaves her for a gay relationship that is mutually supportive. And he's happy.

Would anyone reading that story think that Harry Quinn lacked agency?

Aug. 16th, 2016

When Will You Give Up Playing Pokemon Go?

Let's face it, Pokemon Go is a fad. And at some point most of us are going to say "fuck it" and give up.

The question is - when?

When Will You Give Up On Pokemon Go?

Level 20
Level 30
When I Catch All The Pokemon
The Next Time The Piece Of Shit Fucking Glitches
Already Gave Up
Never Tried It
Tried It For A Day And Then Gave Up
When Winter Happens

Aug. 10th, 2016

Sex And Showering Poll

In this week's Dan Savage A woman has a weird problem.

She has a long distance fuckbuddy. The dude is so concerned about the environment that to save water he only washes every week or so.

While she's willing to put up with his body odor what does bother her is that his stinky dick is giving her UTIs.

How would you handle this situation?

In This Situation You Would....

Tell them to shower before sex
Keep dealing with the UTIs and whatever else
Dump them
Other you will explain in comments

Aug. 7th, 2016

Suicide Squad - Review.

Despite what you have heard this is not a bad film. It's not a great film either. It is a flawed film, but it's a fun flawed film.

Rome Girl's comment was "That was a great summer blockbuster. It has issues but it was really fun."

And that comes from someone who isn't invested in these characters at all and doesn't care about comic books. In other words from a "civilian" perspective it works, really, really well.

Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Enchantress are the best parts of the movie.

The worst parts of the movie are:

1. A very clunky introduction of the characters at the start of the first act.

2. Viola Davis giving the worst performance of her career.

3. A plot twist at the end of the second act that is a huge clunker and the one point where the writers fail. (Thankfully, this is completely saved by a flawless third act.)

What will put some people off is that while the film is very true to Harley's character, it is not 2016 Harley. It's Harley when she was still in love with Joker. I don't have a problem with that because being in an abusive relationship has always been a part of her story. She can't become the abuse survivor she is today if she was never an abuse victim in the past.

They do give Harley a hell of a lot of agency when she's away from Joker to balance this out. In the end she is the most powerful member of the Suicide Squad pulling off stuff the boys aren't capable of doing despite all their guns.

Will Smith has some great moments as Deadshot. He does what he's there to do - be Will Smith with a gun so that the majority of America who does not know these characters has something familiar. And Will Smith shooting people while making wisecracks is almost iconic at this point.

Enchantress is also better than I expected. That's not saying a lot because, honestly, other than Loki, most bad guys in recent comic book moves have ranged from boring (James Spader) to fucking awful (Jesse Eisenberg.) But at least she's three dimensional and interesting beyond just "we need to kill this person."

Joker is sort of meh and exists solely to give Harley an origin story. I haven't processed yet how I feel about the origin story they give her this time around. It has elements of both origin stories we've seen before but has its own take on it.

It is certainly better than "Joker throws her in the goop." Is it without "issues?" No. But how do you make an origin story about a powerful abuse survivor that doesn't have issues? It does give her an element of choice and agency, which I'm happy with.

Anyway. Go see it with an open mind. There are clunker moments, but there are also a lot of fun moments. I think time will be very kind to this movie - which is a million times better than Superman Vs. Batman and certainly better than any DC movie yet.

Aug. 2nd, 2016

Happy Birthday MTV!

The Rolling Stones 35 years ago attempting to make an ad for the station.

Jul. 31st, 2016

"No, Mr. Wayne, I Expect You To Die."

Jul. 29th, 2016

The Old Callander Family Crest And Motto

My brother looked up our family's historical family crest and motto and was annoyed that it's "I Mean Well."

Rome Girl on the other hand is incredibly amused.

"That is the perfect motto for Calendar men. I can just see one of you standing by a dumpster fire with a dead hooker in the drunk while sipping vodka straight from the bottle and explaining 'I mean well.' It suits all of you."

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